Consultation Appointments FAQ

How to arrange a P4 Fertility consultation?

Please book an appointment either by clicking the link or making a phone call.

Where the P4 fertility consultation is arranged? Can I have weekend consultation?

You may consider booking either by using the online booking system or Contact Us . We may have some appointments convenient for you, which includes consultations on Saturday. Please request to the medical secretary directly.

Is there a car park? what are the parking charges?

There is a large car park at Priory Hospital Edgbaston and Priory fertility centre. There are no parking charges for all priory patients. Car park spaces are enough to cater need of our patients.

What to expect at the time of consultation?

The private fertility consultation appointment with us is of 30 min. It allows enough time for a thorough discussion. You are encouraged to take all your previous clinic letters and any available reports with you. Do not bother to request any further documents from your last NHS or private clinic before the appointment. We will personalise the treatment for you and may request records as required directly from your provider on your behalf. During your consultation, we take your history, discuss the treatment and plans with you. There is no need for clinical examination in most of the cases. We arrange investigations as required. We do not treat you as a number but as a person! It is an opportunity to ask any questions. Your participation in your care is our central principle. After the consultation, you receive an invoice for £200 as consultation charges. You can pay by cash, card or bank transfer. You will receive the invoice and how to pay details after the consultation.

How can I reschedule the appointment?

You are encouraged to make a call to outpatient as soon as you decide to reschedule the appointment. It will help other waiting patients to use this slot.

Do I get a letter following the fertility consultation? can I stop getting letters to my address or to my GP?

It is standard policy to write a summary letter to you. If you wish, copy it to your GP following consultation. If you do not want to copy the letters to GP or /and your home address, please let us know at the time of consultation.

How do I book a follow up appointment?

If you think that you need a follow-up appointment with Dr. Jeve to discuss any more information, your results or any treatments - please call the outpatient reception number 01214461638 and request a follow-up appointment with Dr. Jeve. The follow-up appointment cost is £150. (The charges are the same for telephone or face to face appointments.)

What if I DNA ( Did Not Attend) Appointment?

If you book an appointment and did not attend on the day will be charged as £25 admin cost for any DNA appointments. If you wish to reschedule or cancel it please do so at least 24 hours before appointment time to avoid DNA charges.

Any further questions, please contact us.