Cost of the Treatment FAQ

What is the cost of P4 fertility Consultation at BMI Priory Hospital?

Full Consultation: £200 Follow up Consultation: £150 (Consultations can be face-to-face, video or telephonic as per your choice) You pay for what you get at P4 Fertility @Priory. There is no full packaged cost where you end up paying for things you don’t need, or you already have!

What is the Cost of IVF/ICSI?

Our IVF treatment cost is cheaper than you think! The costs below are for treatment at BMI Priory Fertility centre Edgbaston. We have drawn up the figures below to illustrate the costs you can expect to encounter. Please note that prices charged by other departments in the hospital such as Pharmacy or Pathology may be changed independently of The Fertility Centre. You should be aware that all prices can vary from those quoted below and procedures and drugs may be added depending upon clinical need. You will receive your cost plan at your first consultation. Please see cost calculator ( Link ) *These costs are indicative costs of treatment. Investigations and treatment costs are for treatment at BMI Priory Hospital, Birmingham. For further information contact fertility centre.

WHY wait longer? Can I pay in instalments for private IVF treatment? Can I spread the cost of IVF treatment?

Love to pay in instalments without any additional cost. Yes, you can. You need to pay for the first consultation. Once you complete your first appointment, you can apply for a BMI Card. BMI Priory offers you BMI card. A credit card interest-free for the first 12 months. You may choose to pay in instalments over the next 12 months without attracting any interest. Pay with THE BMI CARD which offers: · A credit card interest-free for the first 12 months · Credit limit up to £20,000 (subject to eligibility) · No annual charge, membership fee or deposit required · Applications of up to £7,000 may get approval within 48 hours of receipt of the signed agreement. Please allow 2-3 weeks for higher loan amounts · Further information: speak with doctors at the time of consultation. Or see The flexible finance decisions are made by BMI Priory Hospital or their partner finance providers. P4 Fertility does not have any role in arranging the flexible fincance.

Do you offer package costs or increased package costs for IVF treatment?

You pay for what you get at P4 Fertility @Priory. We do not offer packaged treatment or multiple treatments in one cost package. In package cost, you often end up in paying for many tests which you do not need. We do not treat and charge patients in blocks. At P4 fertility@ priory, personalised treatment is the ethos, and this means every plan is costed as per personal needs. It ensures you pay for what you need. Any subsequent cycle, should you need it, is personalised from experience of the first cycle. Therefore, offering multiple cycles in one go, we believe, means treating patients as customers that is against our ethos.

Can I buy IVF drugs from somewhere else?

Yes, you may. If you can get a better deal somewhere else, you may choose to buy drugs from an outside pharmacy

Do I get my care on NHS in early pregnancy, pregnancy scans and delivery, if I have private IVF treatment?

Only assisted conception treatment (IVF/ICSI) is not funded by the NHS in certain circumstances, for which you pay. You are eligible to receive full care including medications, scans and consultation on the NHS at your local hospital. Therefore, you are likely to receive complete care on NHS for any other part of your pregnancy. We advise you to contact your GP once you are clinically pregnant.

Can you tell me about what fertility treatments there are, and what’s available within the NHS?

Fertility tests are available on the NHS. Any operations such as camera tests and keyhole surgery are possible on the NHS. Ovulation induction using tables in PCOS as per local guideline is available on NHS. The treatment which requires funding approval includes assisted conception treatment such as IUI, IVF, ICSI, and egg or sperm storage. There are criteria for such funding. These criteria are different from place to place. IVF funding is a classic example of a postcode lottery. CCG contacts IVF treatment to local NHS or private IVF unit, and within the contract, the criteria are clearly defined. The rules vary with local CCG and where the patient's GP is based. For example, Scotland funding is available for three cycles of IVF. In some part of England, it can range from0 to three cycles. National guideline-recommended 3 IVF cycles to eligible women under 40, only 12% CCG follow this. Please check the availability of funding for your treatment with your doctors. At p4 fertility, our team is happy to advise you on NHS funding within West-Midlands based on your details. Visit fertility fairness website for further information.

Any further questions on the cost of IVF treatment- please contact us or speak with the doctor during the consultation.