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How is p4 fertility IVF plan different from others?


Pre-treatment prediction using evidence-based models with high specificity and sensitivity: highly accurate models based on specific tests for prediction, prevention and personalisation of the cycle.


Individualised controlled ovarian stimulation regimens designed and monitored by the consultant


Continuity of care: Care planned and managed throughout the cycle by the same sub-specialist consultant. No different doctors each time.


Advanced technologies for selecting embryos with the best implantation potential


Individualised luteal phase support


One point of access throughout the cycle: genuinely personalised care

What does p4 stands for?

Traditional IVF treatment approach

  • Reactive

  • Treat the disease only

  • IVF protocols - on population average

  • The IVF protocols designed to suit logistic of centre (3 days egg collection)

  • Care can be led by different grades of doctors and nurses to keep the cost down

  • Patients = numbers

  • Doctor = Expert

P4 Fertility

  • Predictive and personalised Focus on wellness and disease IVF protocols on personalised prediction

  • IVF protocols are designed based on patient need, seven days service Consultant led care

  • Patients are not numbers but individuals

  • Doctor + Patient =Expert

The fingerprints of twins are not identical, how the same approach will help different people to achieve successful treatment; it demonstrates the need for a personalised treatment approach.