p4 Fertility Approach

How is p4 fertility IVF plan different from others?


Pre-treatment prediction using evidence-based models with high specificity and sensitivity: highly accurate models based on specific tests for prediction, prevention and personalisation of the cycle.


Individualised controlled ovarian stimulation regimens designed and monitored by the consultant


Continuity of care: Care planned and managed throughout the cycle by the same sub-specialist consultant. No different doctors each time.


Advanced technologies for selecting embryos with the best implantation potential


Individualised luteal phase support


One point of access throughout the cycle: genuinely personalised care

What does p4 stands for?

1. Predictive

Prediction is vital in fertility care and IVF. Prediction of ovarian response, prediction of success, prediction of risk helps to personalise the IVF treatment protocols. Prediction allows for choosing maximum success at minimum risk. At P4 fertility, the prediction based on all available clinical information, tests and the latest evidence from the high-quality scientific research.

2. Preventative

Prevention is better than cure. At P4 fertility, safety is a top priority. We minimise the risks with a precise preventative approach at every step of IVF. The right balance of risk and benefit is paramount in fertility / IVF treatment.

3. Personalised

We individualise the P4 fertility care for you. Your clinical data, your results and your biomarkers are used to personalise the IVF treatment for you. You are not treated as a number but as an individual who is going through a stressful medical treatment.

4. Participatory

You are at the centre of care, and you are in control. Participatory care allows your active participation in decision making and fertility / IVF treatment planning. We empower you with unbiased scientific information to make an informed choice.

Traditional IVF treatment approach

  • Reactive

  • Treat the disease only

  • IVF protocols - on population average

  • The IVF protocols designed to suit logistic of centre (3 days egg collection)

  • Care can be led by different grades of doctors and nurses to keep the cost down

  • Patients = numbers

  • Doctor = Expert

P4 Fertility

  • Predictive and personalised Focus on wellness and disease IVF protocols on personalised prediction

  • IVF protocols are designed based on patient need, seven days service Consultant led care

  • Patients are not numbers but individuals

  • Doctor + Patient =Expert