• P4 fertility care is highly personalized care with precision. It recognizes that people respond very differently to lifestyle factors such as food, activity, and sleep, as well as to stimulation drugs and various types of fertility treatments. These responses cannot effectively be drawn from population averages.

  • P4 fertility believes in treating the individual and not the condition or disease.

  • P4 fertility—predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory—is a new kind of medical practice that complements and augments the existing disease-care system.

  • We do not treat patients in blocks or as numbers on conveyor belts. This reflects a paradigm change in how medicine will be practiced that is revolutionary rather than evolutionary.

We endure making your IVF journey as a reassuring, comfortable and confident journey where no stones left unturned on the way of success.

Personalised care

you are not treated as a number and not put on a conveyor belt. We have a team to look after you are providing personalised care. You get named secretary to contact throughout your journey with us, and our patients find it very reassuring. Our patients and HFEA continuously rated our centre as a high standard service

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Latest Technology

We have introduced various IVF technologies first time in the West-Midlands in the private sector.


Seven days a week service

We collect eggs when they are ready and put the embryo back when it is a good time for embryo implantation. It means to provide seven days with a week service. So be it. Many new private clinics only provide service (such as egg collection) on a few days in the week to cut the cost and maximise the profit. Our ethos is to follow what suits the best for nature and patients than what satisfies the clinic, which may be the secret of our success.




Consultant-led service at every step

Unlike many private clinics, we do not have doctors at Priory who are not GMC registered consultants.

Happy Family

Est. 1989

Established in 1989

one of the oldest centres in the West-Midland with In-depth experience acquired over the decades.

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The fingerprints of twins are not identical, how the same approach will help different people to achieve successful treatment; it demonstrates the need for a personalised treatment approach.

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