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Lead for the fertility services at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust


Mr. Himanshu Borase is currently working as the lead for the fertility services at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust and his fertility services are mainly based at the community gynaecology clinic in London Colney. He also works as an obstetric consultant performing his on-call duties at Watford General Hospital.

He has started ‘One Stop’ services for fertility patients which have impacted the service provision very significantly and have had a very positive impact on patient experience.

The idea is to see these patients with all the necessary investigations and formulate a plan in one go to save time which clearly has a very positive impact on their reproductive success!

​He specialises in infertility management, menstrual disorders, PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids and also performs surgery for these patients

He scans all his patients which is an added advantage mainly for the fact that he has access to all the necessary investigations and the scan is a targeted scan called as ‘Fertility Scan’ which is aimed to look for specific issues impacting fertility and identifying them early allows him to treat those issues to improve patient reproductive success.

He also uses diagrams and other audio-visual aids to make patients understand their situation and actively involves them in decision making which heightens patient experience during such a stressful journey.

This approach has allowed him to reduce the wait times both in the NHS as well as private care quite significantly which is the main compliment he has received.

Dr. Himanshu Borase


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