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P4 Fertility provides personalised, affordable and  best-in-class IVF, and ICSI treatments to get pregnant. P4 Fertility operates in Birmingham, London, and Watford.

Personalised, affordable & best in-class fertility treatments

Our Services

P4 Fertility is committed to offering comprehensive fertility assessments and treatments, conducted by highly qualified and experienced specialists in reproductive medicine. Our focus is on providing personalised care, with various tailored treatment packages to meet your individual needs.

At P4 Fertility, all diagnostic procedures, including advanced ultrasound scans, are performed by specialist consultants in reproductive medicine. During your visit, you can expect a thorough explanation of all procedures and findings.

Fertility consultation

Fertility consultation covers all fertility-related issues and personalised plan and discussion on your fertility-related questions.

IUI, IVF, ICSI Treatment

This service is bespoke. Every couple will have an in-depth consultation and plan for treatment. 

Ovarian Tissue freezing

Ovarian tissue freezing is a new technology potentially could be offered for young girls who are at risk of premature ovarian failure.

Donor Sperms or Eggs

Donor egg is a treatment option when a woman is not able to produce good quality and good numbers of eggs.

Recurrent Miscarriage

We provide private care with evidence-based management, personalised approach and tender loving care.

IVF Analysis Clinic

It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen. IVF analysis clinic gives attention to every detail in your previous treatment cycles.

Fertility Preservation

Store your eggs for future use, or store your ovaries for future. book an appointment to speak with our team.


We provide comprehensive consultation and support for surrogacy treatment. Surrogacy has clinical, legal, counselling and financial implications.

One-stop Diagnostics

A service to check the fertility potential and has tailor-made consultant advice on your natural fertility

Why choose P4 Fertility?

Genuinely personalised care 

Pre-treatment prediction using evidence-based models with high specificity and sensitivity

Individualised controlled ovarian stimulation regimens designed and monitored by the consultant

Care is planned and managed throughout the cycle by the same sub-specialist consultant. No different doctors each time

Advanced technologies for selecting embryos with the best implantation potential

Individualised luteal phase support

One point of access throughout the cycle


At P4 Fertility, we offer a comprehensive range of appointments to assess and diagnose various fertility issues.


Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced professionals ensure accurate and timely results. From basic blood tests to advanced imaging techniques, we tailor our approach to each individual's needs, providing personalised care every step of the way.


Whether you're just starting your fertility journey or seeking answers after previous challenges, our appointments are designed to provide the information and support you need to make informed decisions about your fertility.

Tube Test (HyCoSy)

If you're advised to have Fallopian Tube Test.



From £475

Ultrasound Scan

If you require an Ultrasound Scan such as Gynaecology Scan etc.



From £200

ERA Test


Please follow the advice of a consultant to book it; you will need a prescription for estrogen tablets.

This is a biopsy from the lining of your womb; you may take Ibuprofen before coming in.

ERA determines each woman's unique personalised embryo transfer timing, therefore synchronising the embryo transfer with the individualised window of implantation.
Your clinician will take an endometrial biopsy sample in a mock embryo transfer cycle. The evidence to support ERA needs to be more conclusive. Please discuss this with the consultant. 

Patient Information:​

Please read HFEA advice on add-on tests and treatments for further information:




Please book this test between your cycle days 15 and 25.

This is a biopsy from the lining of your womb; you may take Ibuprofen before coming in.


ALICE detects the bacteria causing chronic endometritis, a condition affecting 30% of infertile patients that is linked to implantation failure and recurrent miscarriage. 

EMMA provides information on the proportions of all endometrial bacteria, including those linked to higher pregnancy rates. Includes ALICE. It gives information on the microbiome. 

Patient Information:

Please read HFEA advice on add-on tests and treatments for further information:




Decidual Score Test


Natural cycle: Take the biopsy 7 to 9 days after the LH surge. 

Medicated cycle: After 5 days of progesterone. 

This is a biopsy from the lining of your womb; you may take Ibuprofen before coming in.


Molecular testing of endometrial (lining of the womb) biopsy samples for women with recurrent IVF failure and recurrent miscarriage is important to understand the of uterine receptivity and for a personalised therapeutic strategy.  


The test is based on molecular analysis of six factors associated with and essential for decidualization. The Decidualization score reflects how many of these factors are expressed at the normal range in the tested sample.

The Normal Decidualization score is “>4”. The score “4” is Borderline Normal. The score“<4 is Low Decidualization score. This test (Decidualization Score test) helps to determine if the lining of the womb is implant-friendly and could be used to select patients who require therapeutic actions to improve endometrial conditions before the IVF–ET procedure. The test is analysed at Chicago USA. 

The evidence to support the decidual score test and treatment following the test requires further conclusive evidence. Please discuss the test requirement and results with our consultant in a consultation appointment. 

Please read HFEA advice on add-on tests and treatments for further information:



AMH Test

If you're advised to have Anti-Mullerian Hormone Test.






Please book an ultrasound scan and the test after ten weeks of pregnancy. 


Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) screens for the presence of specific chromosome disorders in the developing fetus. The test analyses DNA fragments in maternal plasma that have been released from both maternal and placental cells. NIPT requires a single blood draw, which poses no threat to the fetus and can be done as early as ten weeks gestation. By analysing the proportions of DNA fragments derived from different chromosomes or chromosome regions, NIPT can screen for the presence or absence of specific chromosome disorders.


NIPT is more accurate than first-trimester maternal serum screening and ultrasound in identifying pregnancies with or without these disorders. It diagnoses Trisomy 21, also called Down syndrome; Trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome); and Trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome) Sex chromosome conditions such as Turner's Syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome and fetal gender if the couple wishes. 

Our test sensitivity is over 99% to diagnose healthy babies as compared to Combined first-trimester screening normally offered on NHS is 82%. We arrange tests and supply results only after consultation with our consultant. 



First Consultation

If you are new patient and require appointment for the first time.



From £200

Follow Up Consultation

If you had an appointment with P4 Fertility previously.



One-Stop Diagnosis 

With Tube-Test     £820

Pay only £675 now


  • Ultrasound Scan £200

  • AMH Test £100

  • Consultation £200

  • Tube Test £475


  • Semen Analysis £145

Important Note

The Semen Analysis costing £145 will be invoiced after the test by the Priory Hospital. To book Semen Analysis, please contact us.

To book now, you need to pay only £675 which includes the consultation and other charges.

Without Tube-Test    £595

Pay only £450 now


  • Ultrasound Scan £200

  • AMH Test £100

  • Consultation £200


  • Semen Analysis £145

  • Tube Test £475

Important Note

The Semen Analysis costing £145 will be invoiced after the test by the Priory Hospital. To book Semen Analysis, please contact us.

To book now, you need to pay only £450 which includes the consultation and other charges.

Tests & Scans
Endometrial Scratch


Please Book Scratch on days 20-23 of the preceding cycle.


Endometrial scratching is carried out before IVF. During the procedure, the lining of the womb (the endometrium) is ‘scratched’ using a small sterile plastic tube, which is inserted in after a speculum exam like a smear test. It may be uncomfortable or painful—there is a slight chance of infection, pain, and spotting after the procedure.

The theory is that this procedure triggers the body to repair the scratch site, releasing chemicals and hormones that make the womb lining more receptive to an embryo implanting. Some also suggest the treatment may activate genes that cause the womb lining to be more receptive to an embryo implanting.HFEA advice: For most fertility patients undergoing IVF or ICSI, endometrial scratching is rated amber for improving the chances of having a baby. However, on balance, it is not clear whether this add-on is effective at improving the treatment outcome. There is conflicting moderate/high-quality evidence—in some studies, the add-on has been found to be effective, but in other studies, it has not.

Please read HFEA advice on add-on tests and treatments for further information:



Our Clinics

Personalised care, affordable treatments

What does P4 stand for?


Prediction is vital in fertility care and IVF. Prediction of ovarian response, prediction of success, prediction of risk helps to personalise the IVF treatment protocols. Prediction allows for choosing maximum success at minimum risk. At P4 fertility, the prediction based on all available clinical information, tests and the latest evidence from the high-quality scientific research.



Prevention is better than cure. At P4 fertility, safety is a top priority. We minimise the risks with a precise preventative approach at every step of IVF. The right balance of risk and benefit is paramount in fertility / IVF treatment.



We individualise the P4 fertility care for you. Your clinical data, your results and your biomarkers are used to personalise the IVF treatment for you. You are not treated as a number but as an individual who is going through a stressful medical treatment.



You are at the centre of care, and you are in control. Participatory care allows your active participation in decision making and fertility / IVF treatment planning. We empower you with unbiased scientific information to make an informed choice.


  • Reactive

  • Treat the disease only

  • IVF protocols - on population average

  • The IVF protocols designed to suit logistic of centre (3 days egg collection)

  • Care can be led by different grades of doctors and nurses to keep the cost down

  • Patients = numbers

  • Doctor = Expert

Traditional IVF treatment approach

  • Predictive and personalised Focus on wellness and disease IVF protocols on personalised prediction

  • IVF protocols are designed based on patient need, seven days service Consultant led care

  • Patients are not numbers but individuals

  • Doctor + Patient =Expert

P4 Fertility IVF treatment approach

June 2023 | Review written at Google 

"Extremely professional and caring team that made our treatment stress free from start to finish.
We were always informed and listened too.
Mr Jeve tailored our plan to our exact needs and he is so passionate about what he does and treated us as valued individuals!
His team are amazing they genuinely love their jobs and make you feel so reassured and informed at every stage with a special thanks to Gemma!
I would highly recommend P4."

April 2023 | Review written at Google

"We met Mr Jeve having been referred for IVF through the NHS. After this didn't work, Mr Jeve looked carefully at my whole health and recommended trying letrozole for three months. I had read about this and was keen to give it a go. We have had a positive result on our second month of trying, we are thrilled! Anything can happen, but it's the first time we've seen a positive result. Mr Jeve has been so supportive, listened to us and the results are great - IVF isn't the only solution, especially when you have PCOS"

January 2023 | Review written at Google

 "We decided to go with Mr Jeve after a recommendation from a friend. The IVF process was very smooth and straightforward for us. All of the team were extremely friendly and professional. We could not believe our luck that we were successful on our first cycle. We now have 4 month old who is our absolute world. We are so happy that we used Dr Jeve and we may see him again in the future for baby number 2!"

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