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Cost of Tests
Ultrasound Scan
HyCoSy (Tube Test)
AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) Test
Sperm Test
Hepatitis B
Rubella (Female only)
Hepatitis C
Cost of Consultation
First Consultation
Follow-Up Consultation

Cost of Treatments


In-Vitro Fertilisation Cycle (IVF) –  £3280.00

There is no conclusive evidence to support the use of add-ons to improve the success rate, but those add-ons do add to the treatment cost (see 

When patients wish to compare the costs, we advise patients to calculate all costs (cycle plus drugs cost plus any additional steps required). We recommend you check for hidden charges and add on fees.

Please check on the following fees with other clinics and check for refund policy for incomplete cycles.

Our IVF cycle cost includes all monitoring scans, egg collection procedures under anaesthesia and subsequent growth of embryos and embryo transfer.

We do not charge additional fees for Blastocyst Culture (growing embryos further). We do not charge additional fees for Embryo Glue; it is used for all patients.

Freeze all cycle is when all embryos are frozen to avoid the risk of OHSS. Subsequently, the embryo is transferred (hyperstimulation syndrome). We do not charge patients extra for a frozen transfer cycle if the patient is required to have all embryos frozen in fresh cycles. We do not compromise on safety, and patients are not expected to pay the additional cost.

The total cost of the IVF cycle after all tests could be calculated as  £3280 + £100 (HFEA Fees) + Drugs Cost (it varies with doses) Drug costs start from £410 to £1000 depending on the egg reserve.

The Priory Hospital will send you the costed treatment plan after the first consultation and along with consent documents.

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Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) –  £3780.00

ICSI (Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) treatment is advised if concerns about fertilisation and/ or sperm count are not as expected. Sometimes on the day of egg collection, sperm count could be abnormal, and ICSI could be advised.

The total cost of the ICSI cycle after all tests could be calculated as  £3780 + £100 (HFEA Fees) + Drugs Cost (varies with doses). Drug cost starts from £410 to £1000, depending on the egg reserve.

The Priory Hospital will send you the costed treatment plan after the first consultation and along with consent documents.


IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) – £730 

HFEA fees are £40 It includes scanning for IUI, sperm preparation and IUI by the nursing team. The drug cost is additional.

IUI under GA (if anaesthesia is required to perform IUI for vaginismus patients) –  £1332 is the additional cost of anaesthesia. Suppose your IUI cycle is cancelled due to any reason before insemination. In that case, you will be only charged £330 (the remaining balance will be refunded to you).

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) – £1160

HFEA fees is £100. The embryo survival rate is approximately 95%. It means 95% of embryos survive the thawing process for a cycle. If the cycle gets cancelled, you will be only charged £282, and you will receive a refund of the remaining balance from the above fees. Still, if a patient does not have an embryo to transfer if the embryo is not survived, we offer a refund as above. If any patient suffers from severe vaginismus and requires anaesthesia for transfer, the additional charge for the procedure is £1332.

Egg Freezing

Cost of egg freezing (including the first year of storage of eggs)  – £3111 + drug costs

The first year of storage costs are £390, and continued storage is £215/year.

Ovulation Induction

Ovulation induction treatment is advised for patients with PCOS (polycystic ovary) or who suffer from egg release issues. Ovulation induction for unexplained sub-fertility is not based on conclusive evidence to support it. Therefore it is a patient’s choice after discussion.

Your consultant will advise you on when to have intercourse to achieve pregnancy. Ovulation induction helps to release an egg at the right time; it aims for the window of implantation. This is the least expensive and least invasive (no anaesthesia or higher doses of hormones are required) fertility treatment. You are advised to book a consultation (which costs you £200).

The consultant will analyse your suitability for the ovulation induction treatment during the consultation. After choosing the regime, prescribe appropriate ovulation induction tablets (which cost you around £10 for the cycle, the drug prices vary from company to company or pharmacy). If you require a scan to check egg growth, it costs £200. And additionally, if you need an injection costs around £70. Therefore, the ovulation induction cycle with tablets plus injection costs with medications is £280 excluding consultation, which every patient needs the first time.

Ovulation induction (Tablets + Injection + One Scan programme) total cost is £200, plus the drug costs (approx. £80), total comes to £280. Over 90% of our patients do not require additional scans or ovulation to start with injections.

If your ovulation induction cycle requires additional scans or injections (drug cost) to start ovulation, it is an additional cost.

Ovulation induction with menopur/hormone injections programme is £500 plus drug cost (which varies with supplier and doses)

Surgical Sperm Retrieval

The cost of surgical sperm retrieval depends on what procedure is required. 

  • Needle Sperm Aspiration under local anaesthetic – £900.00

  • Needle Sperm Aspiration under general anaesthetic – £1332.00

  • Open testicular biopsy is performed in theatre with anaesthesia – £1537.00

All patients must book infection screening blood tests such as HIV, Hep B and Hep C. The cost of blood tests is an additional cost. You are also required to pay for the first year of storage cost.

Donor Egg/Sperm &
Egg/Sperm Sharing
  • Donor Egg IVF – £6245.00

  • Donor Egg ICSI – £6745.00 

The HFEA fee is £100, which is paid separately. The time to start the cycle is subject to the availability of the donor eggs. You are advised to check with our team. You must book a consultation to go on the waiting list or have specific clinical advice.

If you have a known donor, the cost of screening a donor is £3000. If the donor is found suitable, IVF or ICSI and the drug costs are as per the standard costs.

Cost of a sharer screening –  £1000.

IVF is £870 and ICSI £1370, HFEA fees are £100, and additional drug costs.

Please contact us for more specific costing and screening requirements.

The first year of storage costs are £390, and continued storage is £215/year.

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Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy,

Tubal Surgery

We offer all surgical procedures for fertility patients. They include keyhole surgery (laparoscopy), tubal surgery, camera test for the womb) (hysteroscopy), polyp, fibroid removal. The cost of these procedures is avalaible on request by the self-pay quote department.

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