Recurrent Miscarriage

Recurrent Miscarriage.jpeg

Having a miscarriage can be very distressing. To have several miscarriages or a late miscarriage can be devastating.

1% of all women suffer from recurrent miscarriages. There is strong evidence to support referral to recurrent miscarriage clinic and expert advice help to improve the reproductive outcome. There are gaps in the services offered on the NHS. Stress itself is a risk factor for miscarriage and recurrent miscarriage is a stressful condition so that the vicious cycle can be broken by strong psychological support.

Women should be reassured for a successful future pregnancy with supportive care. P4 Fertility services in partnership with various Hospitals offer a unique opportunity to the women suffering from recurrent miscarriages within the West Midlands to have bespoke service for recurrent miscarriages. Couple benefit from the option of having private care with evidence-based management, personalised approach and tender loving care.