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P4 Fertility  has wealth of knowledge and  their experience shows in this field. They took on us on a path to success and by grace of god and P4 Fertility's help and reassurance we have a beautiful daughter today. Highly recommend and have already passed on their details to many in need.

March, 2022 | Review written

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The doc listened to us and understood what we wanted.
He didn't offer IVF as a first option and gave us more choice that were lower cost.
Thanks God it worked after 5 years of trying. thank you

April, 2022 | Review written at Google

Hi, we started our journey recently just had first icsi treatment unfortunately unsuccessful one ,but we don't lose hope to complete our dream to become parents, we trust P4 fertility because they have shown lot of experience and knowledge and we felt looked after and protected during this procedure taking in count Covid challenges as well.
Thank you p4 fertility team.
We looking forward to complete our dream come true Gabriel and Carmen.

 April,  2022 | Review written at Google


Doctors at P4 Fertility are not only fantastic Doctors and expert's but also amazing individual's they are very informative and really care for their patients. Their knowledge is brilliant and they really know their stuff please if you need advice or having difficulty in fertility they are someone I would highly recommended I can’t speak highly of P4 team and their treatment to their patients, A****!!!!!

Augest 12, 2022 | Review written at iWantGreatCare


Doctors at P4 Fertility are one of the best doctors I have met, they are straight to the point, caring and allow patient to decide what they want to do. I was very hesitant about going private as I’ve heard from friends and family that Private Hospitals and clinics will push you for IVF to push through their sales even if you can get treatment for your problems. Doctors at P4 Fertility  were the complete opposite they were  considerate, they offered guidance and they listened to what I wanted first. Thank you for putting us at ease.


April, 2022 | Review written at Google




P4 Fertility has fantastic approach to the patient. They are trustworthy and warm with great knowledge. Excellent result of the treatment and great advice given at every stage.
P4fertility team as well as Priory hospital staff is very welcoming and caring. I recommend 100%

Jan, 2022 | Review written at Google



Excellent Consultant! They really helped me and were very professional.

Jan 04, 2021 | Review written at RateMds

I honestly can’t thank P4 Fertility enough. From the day I met doctors at P4 I trusted them, they were so welcoming and warm and they answered every concern I had. Going through treatment to help us conceive our first baby P4 doctors always explained everything and made me feel so at ease. They were always so positive and I trusted they with everything.Our little miracle is now on the way and I can’t wait to send a photo to P4 Fertility when baby is born because it was all thanks to P4 Fertility.I came fault or recommend them enough!Thank you for everything, these doctors were friends not just a doctor.

December, 2021 | Review written at Google


p4 Fertility helped me greatly at a time when I’d given up on anyone helping me at all. They listened to me, explained things clearly to me and made sure I was swiftly treated. They even gave me a direct number for one of doctors and was a message away when i had questions, and for this I cannot thank P4 Fertility enough. I would not only recommend  P4 Fertility but I would strongly urge you to stop reading revieves and contact P4 Fertility  team now!

Jan 3, 2021 | Review written at iWantGreatCare

I met P4 Fertility doctors during a private consultation for a second opinion whilst undergoing NHS care for subfertilty. I can not emphasise enough how grateful I am for falling on their profile on BMI priory and booking to see them. Having seen several specialists already, from the first appointment I had with them, they had a very approachable, caring bedside manor they genuienly wanted us to succeed and help. Without even having to say anything they understood why we were  there; my husband.

Jan 12, 2020 | Review written at iWantGreatCare

We came to P4 Fertility after 4,5 years of struggling with infertility. P4 Fertility doctors  are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, supportive and caring doctors, one of the very best I came across in the UK.

Sept 23, 2020 | Review written at iWantGreatCare

P4 Fertility doctors  were great doctor who explained everything very clearly. We felt comfortable with them and felt they genuinely cared about us. I would highly recommend the priory and in particular P4 Fertility.

February 20, 2020 | Review written at iWantGreatCare

P4 Fertility doctors were  excellent at explaining my daughter’s fertility treatment options in a way that was very clear and easy to understand. Their enthusiasm for this field together with an openness to discuss all the pros and cons that is often missing in other doctors provided an immediate trust and confidence that we found very valuable and reassuring.

February 13, 2020 | Review written at iWantGreatCare


Our experience with p4fertility at Priory Hospital was really good. We came to P4 Fertility after 4,5 years of struggling with infertility. P4 fertility team extremely knowledgeable, helpful, supportive and caring doctor, one of the very best I came across in the UK. I would definitely recommend p4fertility.


Sept, 2020 | Review written at Google

Very supportive and understanding clinical staff. They went to great lengths to ensure our cycle could go ahead, for which we are very grateful.

Jan, 2020 | Review written at Google

P4 Fertility team did my surgery yesterday. The team is a great consultant. They  came to see me pre-theatre and explained everything that he was going to do. Very re-assuring in a very calmly manner. They also came back to see me post theatre and re-assured and advised on recovery. All i can say is they provided excellent and professional care.

Sept 10, 2020 | Review written at RateMds

Great consultants, who really care about their patients. If you are struggling with fertility, P4 Fertility is the consultancy to seek advice from. They are professional, genuine and trustworthy.

Jan 9, 2020 | Review written at RateMds

I will recommend P4 Fertlitlity over and over! My husband and i met them last year and they listened carefully to all we had to say and answered all our questions in detail and patiently. We conceived naturally months after. Thank you so much.

Dec 22, 2020 | Review written at iWantGreatCare

P4 fertility took my case on after looking into my personal history. They were  so professional and amazing. They listened to all my concerns and progressed my case without delay unlike the previous consultant we were under. They made recommendations and explained what the next steps are I can't thank P4 Fertility enough and am so grateful that they made time for me.

Nov, 2020 | Review written

at Google

We chose to undergo our fertility treatment at the Priory Hospital and we have not been disappointed at all. This was our second attempt at fertility treatment, the previous one we attended a different hospital. Our main choice for the Priory was the consultant, Mr Jeve. He has shown care and compassion throughout. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable and personalised his care for us and our situation..

March, 2020 | Review written at Google

An expert IVF specialist in Birmingham, Dr Jeve made us feel comfortable, engaged and reassured during the treatment.

Jun 1, 2019 | Review written at RateMds


I have to say P4 Fertility has very good doctors always there to listen to you first and give their advise. After undergoing IVF treatment at the Birmingham Women's Hospital  P4  Fertility Team carried out my egg retrieval on the day and I have to say they  were brilliant and put my mind at an ease. Highly recommend P4 Fertility to anyone who will be starting there IVF journey at the Birmingham Women's Hospital.

Nov 16, 2020 | Review written at iWantGreatCare

P4Fertility team was extremely positive from our very first consultation. They took their time to explain the basics and assured us that they would help us have a baby. I’m not an athletic person, and was too scared to approach the NHS for help to conceive as I’d read so many horror stories about not helping unless you had the perfect BMI, but P4 Fertility team didn’t even mention it once, it wasn’t even an issue!! I had a HyCosy, and within the same month, I fell pregnant! I can’t believe it, we’ve tried for 2 years and I thought I was infertile! One small procedure to clear my tubes, and we fell pregnant! It’s still early days, and we’re continuing to monitor progress every two weeks at the moment, but I cannot fault any part of what feels like a miracle worker!!

May 16, 2020 | Review written at iWantGreatCare




P4 Fertility offers individualised treatment based on what patients needs are. They are very informative, this ensures that their patients are fully informed about treatment options. I was made to feel at ease throughout my treatment and I am extremely pleased with the service I received.

Oct 23, 2019 | Review written at RateMds

One of my friend recommend p4fertility and I am very happy with overall experience. P4 Fertility team is expert and explain the situation very well.

Dec, 2020 | Review written at Google

Dr Jeve and P4 Fertility team have been absolutely fantastic throughout my treatment. I flet positive, they took away any stressful feelings or anxiety with their reassuring words. My treatment was successful thanks to Dr Jeve and P4 team.

April 27, 2020 | Review written at iWantGreatCare

The doctor is very helpful and understand your needs as an individual and try to meet all your needs. Aslo providing lots of the information which helps a lot . Very good communication and advising regarding fertility treatments. Dr jeve and P4  team are very helpful and able to provide relevant information that helped me a lot .

Sept 9, 2019 | Review written at RateMds

I recommend P4 Fertility 10000000% !! They made me feel at ease (I was so anxious) & I trusted their knowledge/ experience & advice. I had heard horror stories where going private the doctors take your money & you can’t get hold of them again however  P4 Fertility always responded within 24hrs & helped me so much. With their help I fell pregnant within 6months naturally. I can’t thank them enough & wish P4 Fertility all the best.

Sept 22, 2020 | Review written at iWantGreatCare

I met  P4 Fertility team during a private consultation for a second opinion whilst undergoing NHS care for subfertilty. I can not emphasise enough how grateful I am for falling on their profile on BMI priory and booking to see doctors at P4 Fertility. Having seen several specialists already, from the first appointment I had with them, they had a very approachable, caring bedside manner they genuinely wanted us to succeed and help. Without even having to say anything they understood why we were  there

Mar 3, 2020 | Review written at iWantGreatCare

Private treatment and IVF is very expensive. After failed NHS cycle, we checked a few clinics and attended open evenings, it looked as if everyone is trying to get business out of you and some information was biased. Dr Jeve and his team at P4 Fertility treats you as an individual and not number. All information given was not business-driven, the total cost of treatment was far less than we expected

Jun 9, 2019 | Review written at RateMds

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