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Costed Treatment Plan - Pre-Treatment

1. Definitions

The definitions and rules of interpretation in this clause apply to this Costed Treatment Plan. When the following words with capital letters are used in this Costed Treatment Plan, this is what they mean:

We, our, us

Means p4 fertility and associated partner organisations, companies and service providers.


Means the services that we are providing to you as set out in this Costed Treatment Plan.

Hospital /Clinic

Where the services are provided , the partner hospitals and clinics where p4 fertility consultants have practicing privileges.


Stands for the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. HFEA is the UK’s independent regulator of fertility treatment and research using human

General Terms

Means the terms and conditions that apply to our Services.

Costed Treatment Plan

Means this plan for pre-treatment services.


Means an independent medical professional (for example a physician, surgeon, or anaesthetist) or company, partnership or other entity that employs

P4 Fertility

P4 fertility is trade name for fertility services offered by Aarna Private Limited, which is a company incorporated and registered in England and Wales.

We will supply the Services to you on the basis of this Costed Treatment Plan and the General Terms. The General Terms explain how we form a contract with you for your treatment. Please ensure that you have read both the General Terms and this Costed Treatment Plan before you sign this document.

The General Terms may also be found here.

2. Summary

1. The consultation or test that you will require is 'Initial Consultation' and its associated price is £200.


2. Some patients require a follow-up consultation. Follow-up consultations cost £180. Your Consultant will let you know if you require a follow-up consultation.


3. Single consultation cost covers only one consultation appointment. It does not cover any on-going support or clinical care or repeat prescriptions or treatment or any emergency care. You will be charged separately per patient contact, appointment or test or investigations. Each follow-up appointment with the consultant will be charged separately. It is optional to book further appointments, should you require to speak with or see the consultant before, during or after treatment. The costs are also displayed on the website, however, if you have any queries, please contact us before booking any service.

4. Following tests are called infection screening tests. They are requested before IVF/ ICSI or any assisted conception treatment. Routines bloods screening for IVF /ICSI (Patient and partner are required to repeat these every 2 years):

3. Preparing for Treatment

COVID-19 swabs for both patient and partner
£63.32 each
Sperm test (annually)
Rubella (Female only)
Hepatitis C
Hepatitis B

*These Prices are subject to change by the Hospital/clinic which provides the service and you are advised to check before you order tests.

5. The below table sets out tests that your Consultant may recommend that you have to help determine how you will respond to stimulation medications:

Consultant Scan

*These Prices are subject to change by the Hospital/clinic which provides the service and you are advised to check before you order tests.

6. The below table sets out tests that you may require depending on your medical history:

Price* (VAT Included)
Zika NAT (Semen)
Trial Embryo Transfer
Vitamin D
Thyroid Function
Y Chromosome deletion
Hepatitis B Viral Load
Blood group
Cystic Fibrosis
Karyotype (Chromosome analysis)

*These Prices are subject to change by the Hospital/clinic which provides the service and you are advised to check before you order tests.

7. The Consultant will charge separately for any consultations listed under this Costed Treatment Plan.

8.  You should arrange any tests listed under this Costed Treatment Plan that the Consultant suggests with p4 fertility. P4 fertility / associated hospitals or clinics will invoice you for any tests. Invoices for tests must be paid within 14 days of receiving the invoice. Further treatment will not continue unless payment is received. We accept tests that patients have had at other facilities, as long as they are UKAS-accredited laboratories and meet HFEA or local screening requirements. If you have already had fertility treatment, tests received from other facilities will remain valid for 2 years. If you have not received fertility treatment, tests must have been completed within three months of a planned egg collection.

9. If the Consultant suggests that you have additional treatments, tests or investigations that are not listed in this Costed Treatment Plan, these will be outside of p4 fertility/ The Fertility Centre’s scope and will be charged separately.

  1. I / we have read the General Terms and the Costed Treatment Plan and have discussed these with my / our Consultant, who has created an individualised Costed Treatment Plan for my specific requirements. I / we understand and agree to the General Terms and my individualised Costed Treatment Plan.

  2. I / we understand that all consultation and diagnostic work-up fees as detailed in this Costed Treatment Plan must be paid for before starting any treatment. Failure to do so will delay the start of treatment and may mean that time sensitive tests become invalid after 3 months and so will need to be repeated and paid for again.

  3. I / we understand that the individualised Costed Treatment Plan includes the price for tests and consultations.

  4. I / we understand that additional “add on" treatments offered to myself by my Consultant will need to be paid for by myself and are charged separately by my Consultant.

  5. I / we understand that my / our Consultant may also recommend treatments that are specific to my / our medical history but are not fertility related. I / we understand that these treatments will be charged separately and will be subject to p4 fertility and its associated organisation’s general self-pay terms and conditions.

  6. I / we understand that invoices for tests must be paid within 14 days of receiving the invoice. Further treatment will not continue unless payment is received.

  7. I / we understand that it is my / our obligation to provide the Hospital with up-to-date contact details for correspondence so that the Hospital may contact me.

  8. I / we understand that this is the Costed Treatment Plan for the pre-treatment stage and no treatment plan for further treatment has been entered into yet. 

  9. I / we understand that I / we will need to sign a separate individualised Costed Treatment Plan for treatment if I / we decide to move on from the pre-treatment stage into the treatment stage. I / we understand that payment will need to be made in full before treatment can commence.

Please read the below points carefully:

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